What Did Asuma Tell Shikamaru? Final Words Explained

Asuma, Jounin sensei in charge of the 10th team, is one of the first people to die in Akatsuki. During a random battle, Hidan, a machete-wielding member, managed to bring down Asuma. What Did Asuma Tell Shikamaru?

Asuma tells Shikamaru to protect the “King,” who is eventually revealed to be the next unborn generation to guard Leaf Village. Sensei Asuma also explains that Kurenai is expecting her baby, and Shikamaru is responsible for taking care of her and ensuring her safety.

Final Words from Asuma to Team 10

He started by talking to Ino.

“You may be headstrong, but you’re also a considerate caretaker,” Asuma told her. “Choji and Shikamaru… They’re awkward… Clumsy… You watch over them.” And… don’t you ever lose… to Sakura… in either Ninjutsu… or in love.”

He then turned to Choji.

“Choji… You’re… a thoughtful, loyal friend… and a kind soul,” he said. “In time, you’ll become a stronger shinobi than everyone else… So be more confident in yourself. Also… you might want to drop a few pounds.”

In addition to instructing Shikamaru to protect future generations of the village, Asuma uttered a farewell speech to Shikamaru so that everyone in Team 10 could hear.

“And finally, Shikamaru,” Asuma began. “You’re razor sharp with the instincts of a great shinobi. Truly worthy of becoming Hokage, though you’d probably try to avoid it… since you hate being bothered like that. All those Shogi games, and not once could I beat you. Which reminds me… remember our conversation about the King?”

An unborn offspring who would one day take over and protect Leaf is represented by Asuma’s “King” label. Asuma knew that Kurenai was expecting a child, and he named the unborn child in Kurenai’s womb “Lord”. What was Asuma’s message to Shikamaru? He said he would protect and guide Asuma’s baby as his last wish.

Shogi was introduced to Shikamaru by Asuma to improve his intelligence. The young ninja had a lot of brainpower, but he did not want to help others. He spoke to Shikamaru about the match, a personal gesture between them.

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