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What Devil Is Kobeni Contracted With?

Kobeni is not the most active fighter among the Public Safety Demon Hunters but admits he had a contract with the devil during a business trip. But with whom did Kobeni make a deal?

It is not clear whether Kobeni made any demonic agreement. He has hidden it from some hunters. Kobeni has shown ingenuity, but the demon he is entering is still unresolved in Part 1 of Chainsaw Man.

With the coming of the series, we will probably find out more about the complexity of his contract.

Kobeni Discusses Her Contract With Devil

Himeno, the Devil’s Hunt for Social Security, suggested a “newborn reception” party for his friend Aki. Himeno may persuade Kobeni and Arai to stay in the devil-hunting business after their evil encounter with the Eternal Devil by taking them out for a drink as a group. It will also give the criminal gang a chance to express their remorse to Denji for their willingness to betray him.

During a drinking party, one group member recommends that everyone identify themselves, including their name, age, and the devil they have a contract with. Aki intervenes and advises against doing so.

“Don’t say the devil you’re contracted with in public places. You should only reveal your hand to trustworthy people.”

Aki to group | Chapter #20

Aki’s suggestion is ignored. Arai reveals that he is 22 years old and has a contract with Fox Devil, while Kobeni takes a quiet step and introduces himself.

I’m Kobeni Higashiyama. I’m 20. My devil is… a secret. My hobby is eating tasty things.

Kobeni to group | Chapter #20

Kobeni has chosen to keep his contract a secret. To this day, we do not know what his contract is, but that could change after the release of Part 2 of the Chainsaw Man.

Kobeni Devil’s contract proposals

Kobeni’s contract may have a clause regarding urgency. He faces the Serpent, the Devil in Chapter # 28, diverting his swift and relentless onslaught. Fleeing the attack, Katana’s Man exclaims, “What is it a monkey? !!”

It has not been confirmed that his contract is related to his sharpness, but it is the only logical explanation if Kobeni ignores playing time in the series.

For now, that is the answer. It is not clear whether Kobeni made any demonic agreement. He can run, but we do not know what demon he is currently facing.

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