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What Chapter Does Denji Meet Reze?

Denji crosses different women throughout the Chainsaw Man series, but in What Chapter Does Denji Meet Reze?

In chapter # 40, entitled “Love, Flower, Chainsaw,” Denji meets Reze. The chapter was published on September 29, 2019, during the arc “Bomb Girl.”

The dangerous romantic interest in this arc only reaches this arc and then disappears.

Plot Behind How Denji And Reze Meet

Denji begins Chapter # 40 by recalling his encounter with Makima. His behavior has changed, and he says that if he can hear such powerful butterflies, he should have a heart.

That’s how great Makima is. Just talking to her wiped my worries away.

Denji to Himself | Chapter #40

Denji considers Makima’s suggestion that if he collects the scattered parts of the Gun Devil, he will give him one wish. Deciding to propose to Makima, she swears and insists she will never date anyone.

Denji is looking for a place to hide in the fenced area as the unexpected rain arrives. The short-haired woman opens the booth door and enters with her inside a few seconds later. Reze laughs, saying that Denji’s face reminds him of the dead dog he had worshiped.

Denji refreshes the flower he ate before the rain to make Reze happy. After donating to a street help company, he was given a gift, swallowing it all.

Reze smiles at Denji as the rain stops.

I work part-time at this cafe down the street called Crossroads. Come by sometime and I’ll thank you for the flower! You better come by!

Reze to Denji | Chapter #40

Denji arrives at work before Reze and sits at the table before putting on his smock. He brings her a cup of coffee and starts to make her feel more at ease. Denji is worried about whether he has been shown signs of likeness.

“Oh crap. I like people who like me. Help me, Makima! I’m gonna fall for this chick!”

Denji to Himself | Chapter #40

So you have it. In chapter # 40, entitled “Love, Flower, Chainsaw,” Denji meets Reze.

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