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Was Sabito Stronger Than Giyu? The Water Pillar Speaks

Giyu and Sabito have learned how to breathe Water in the same sensei. Was Sabito, on the other hand, more potent than Gaius?

No doubt Sabito had greater power than Gaius. In the last round, he spent all his time defending his fellow demon killers. If Sabito passes the test, Giyu has agreed to become a Water Pillar.

Tanjiro is accused in Chapter # 131 of pleading with Giyu to attend Pillar training classes. After revisiting Sabito’s memories, one of the marine archaeologists who studied under Urokodaki, Giyu began to feel unworthy of his position.

Who Was Powerful: The Last Decision of Sabito or Giyu’s?

Sabito put his life on the line to protect other guests, Giyu Tanjiro said during the final selection process.

“He pretty much single-handedly defeated every demon on that mountain. Everyone aside from Sabito got accepted in that selection.”

Giyu explaining Sabito’s actions to Tanjiro

In the first round, Giyu was attacked by a demon. Sabito rescued him by passing Gai on a young man, who was paralyzed. Sabito then ran to another voice for help.

Giyu passed the technical survival test seven days after the resurrection after the election was over. After losing the Demon of the Hand, Sabito died, and the enemy Tanjiro would later win during his selection process.

“But I am a human who couldn’t beat a single demon, and I was bailed out. Can I really say I passed? I am not worthy of becoming the Water Pillar.”

Giyu expressing his sadness to Tanjiro

Sabito, Giyu said Tanjiro would have a higher chance of getting the Demon Slayer mark than he would have. If Sabito were still alive, Tanjiro believed he could be a fantastic sword fighter.

Sabito was probably more powerful than Giyu. During the final selection of the two, Sabito killed almost all the monsters alone, doing all he could to protect strangers. Sabito would have grown up to be a fantastic striker and, instead of Giyu, the Pillar of Water if he had not fallen for the famous Hand Demon.

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