Social Media Live Streaming Services in 2022

Social media streaming is becoming a trend in 2022. Content creators are trying their best to utilize these platforms to grab the attention of the audience.

Livestreaming is becoming part of our routine lifestyle. Right from watching live events to spectating product launches, and hybrid shows,s, etc. live streaming has covered almost every aspect of our day-to-day life.

With the help of event live-streaming service providers, we are able to watch our favorite concerts, sporting tournaments, gameplay videos & much more.

In this blog, we will be covering some merits & demerits of live streaming, and different Social media streaming platforms which provide live streaming facilities along with briefly explaining the term.

Social media Live Streaming- All you need to know in 2022

In broad terms, live streaming thus means broadcasting the video in real-time. In the past few years, it has gained popularity more than ever. It can also be considered as the bridge between the virtual event & the in-person event.

This is because it tends to engage both virtual & on-ground audiences at the same time and thus enhances the interaction between them.

Nowadays, there are tons of on-demand live streaming services platforms available in the market to host your live event but it depends on the type of requirements.

Live streaming is playing an important role in shaping the minds of young people by providing opportunities to be a creator or an influencer. This is the main driving force behind the rise in popularity of the service over the years.

Pros & Cons of Live Streaming

Here is the list of some merits & demerits of live streaming via Social media platforms. It will make your vision clear before selecting anyone for hosting your live event –


  • They are the perfect medium for any activity as most people engage with different content on these platforms on the daily basis.

  • Higher Audience reach- streaming to Social media platforms is just like performing inside a busy mall. There are higher chances of adding of new audience base to your services or product.

  • Higher Chances of Becoming Popular – there are some algorithms working on Social media platforms that always tend to promote popular content. The logic behind this is only because this content audience tends to stay longer on these platforms.

  • Best live streaming services work to convert a curious user into a customer just by making the content at the right place and viewer at the right time.


  • Everyone knows that free content never remains free forever. With IP video live streaming in demand along with supreme reach, platforms have become the marketing hub for businesses with their – ads, promotions, and much more going on.

  • As its name suggests, Social media platforms are merely social for use by the public. Thus it makes it even more difficult to maintain your professionalism, exclusivity, or monetization.

  • Another point to be considered is what are your objectives< Do you want quality or quantity? See, if you’re going with the quantity then for sure, Social media is the best platform to attract millions of viewers towards you. But, at the same time if you want quality then you have to shift to paid platforms to customize your event for better engagement with the audience.

  • Everything has its advantages & disadvantages, it depends on your needs, requirements, budget & other aspects to select the right platform for you.

Top 5 Popular Live Streaming Services in 2022

Here is a list of some of the popular live-streaming services which will make your search hunt much easier. It will also guide you to select your favorite choice –

Twitter Live Stream

  • It is a bit more complicated in terms of product features when compared to other Social media platforms.

  • The biggest advantage of Twitter live streaming is its ability to integrate with third-party software as well as hardware.

  • It thus allows its users to use their own equipment for the creation of live-streaming events.

  • It is also fully loaded with basic facilities like – live chatting, co-hosting, etc.

Instagram Live Stream

  • Instagram live streaming is the most popular and very convincing platform to navigate. When it comes to real-time broadcast it is just two steps away with the help of this platform.

  • It is loaded with the features such as – a later scheduling option, practice sessions & branded partners. It also notifies your current followers once the stream is live.

Facebook Live Stream

  • Facebook live streaming is one of the most developed live streaming applications which is widely used by the audience.

  • It has integrated with “Zoom” for most of the product features. All types of zoom events such as – webinars and conference meetings can be easily live-streamed through the workplace with the help of Facebook.

  • In addition to this, Facebook also allows the facility of event monetization & ticketing.

  • It also provides revenue generation opportunities for the event organizers with end privacy & user authentication.

Youtube Live Stream

  • Youtube live streaming is one of the handiest streaming services to engage with the audience & ensure your live presence.

  • It is the first platform to adopt the live streaming feature and yet is the most versatile among all its competitors with the ability to use it on mobile & desktop devices.

  • It is the popular choice because of its rich elements like – the ability to make your videos private, unlisted, or public and thus have overall control.

LinkedIn Live Stream

  • When it comes to delivering quality streaming, LinkedIn live streaming is the top competitor among others. The major advantage of using this platform for your streaming event is that it is the home for most business professionals & businesses around the world.

  • Live streaming your event with the help of LinkedIn will surely boost your marketing campaign & thus add more value to your brand and reputation.

Conclusion Social media

IP Video Streaming is a versatile solution for all your event needs when production is not the primary concern for your organization. Live streaming on Social media platforms is growing constantly.

With some disadvantage when it comes to the technical aspects, Social media platforms have the widest audience reach & thus undoubtedly is the leading platform for all sort of marketing campaigns around the globe.

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