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How to make stickers with Cricut print then cut feature?

Do you like to make things on your own? Is creating something that you like doing? Do you want to use a Cricut but have no idea what to make? In this article, we will explain How to make stickers with Cricut print then the cut feature. Incredibly quick and simple. Use the “Print & Cut” function on your Cricut to make personalised stickers from your own designs.

Stickers are a great present idea, and you can sell them in your Etsy store. They work well not just for identifying food in the pantry but also for identifying art materials.

Do you still have questions regarding whether or not Cricut prints? A resounding “No” is the correct response. The sole purpose of a Cricut machine is to cut. For those who want to print and cut with their Cricut, a printer is also required. It’s possible to cut out shapes from printed patterns using the “print then cut” method.

You’ll find a comprehensive Guide for creating your own sticker sheets from printable digital files.

Note: when first beginning to print then cut, it is essential to calibrate your Cricut.

calibrate for print and cut

Tools Required To Make Stickers With Cricut Print

Cricut Machine

Make use of Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2 instead. The Cricut joy can’t be used since it lacks a print then cut function.

Compatible printer

Any high-quality printer would do as the best printer for Cricut. Stickers on thick paper are no problem for an inkjet printer.

Sticker Paper

The paper used must be specifically designed for printing stickers. It’s your choice whether you want glossy paper, Cricut brand, matte white, printable vinyl, or no paper at all. There is a possibility that thicker than usual sheets can jam the printers.

Sticker sheet file/Sticker image

An picture of a sticker is what will be printed on the sticker. Design Space comes with its own stock of images, but you may also bring in your own custom graphics or sticker sheets.

Instead of tracing over an image’s outline, you should always begin by dropping a solid form into the Design area.

Making stickers on a Cricut begins with inserting the desired solid form. This is the form that the finished sticker will take, and it tells the Cricut machine where to make the cut. Use a whole form rather than just its outline. If the grid lines in Design Space are visible through the photograph, the object is not solid and is only an outline.

Sticker sheet file

One way to do this is by using the “contour” command, which fills in an outline. The printout parameters—including the desired form, colour, and dimensions—are up to you. You’re free to choose whatever shape or orientation you choose for your sticker, from round to rectangular.

Inset the sticker Image

The next thing to do is upload your sticker design to Cricut Design Space. Sticker images may be imported from the internet, or a user can create their own using the Design Space interface. If you’ve decided on a certain form for printing, you may proceed to put the desired picture inside it. On the left side of the Design Space control panel, you’ll see the “images” option. The picture must be centred in the form you’ve chosen for print then trimmed to work.

Inset the sticker Image

Ensure Print then Cut instead of Cut

In most cases, Cricut Design Space will automatically choose an uploaded picture as a cut image. The “Cut” instructions are written in two distinct colours on two separate layers of sticker pictures and predetermined forms. Upon selecting the “Make it” button, Cricut will begin the cutting process. But we’d want to use the finest crafting printer to print off pictures for our stickers, which we’ll then use Cricut to cut out.

In the lower right-hand corner, you’ll see a button labelled “FLATTEN.” If the picture is flattened, the cut-only command becomes a print-and-cut one. Make sure that “print then cut” is chosen by previewing the file in layers.

The sticker’s picture and outline must be combined into a single, solid layer. Just hit the “Make” button, keep going, and print it out.

Ensure Print then Cut instead of Cut

When you print the picture, you’ll see a thin black border around the edges. The Cricut machine can cut across the page with the help of this solid border.

Selecting the Material

The sticker sheet’s substance is chosen from the Design Space canvas itself. For Avery stickers, go to the “material settings” and choose “washi,” while for Cricut stickers, go to the “sticker paper” options. Switch the Cricut Explore to the Custom mode to access this menu.

Loading Mats

Print the sticker paper directly onto the mat. Smooth the sticker paper down towards the top left corner of the mat using your hands or a brayer tool. Simply use the arrow button on your Cricut machine to load the mat.

Using a Cricut to make sticker cuts

Once you have inserted the mat into the machine, you may start the cutting process by pressing the C button. With a flash of the Cricut symbol, the machine begins cutting the stickers automatically.

After the paper has been scanned by the Cricut, the cutting process will begin automatically. After some motion, the black registration lines will emerge on the paper.

When you’re done cutting, hit the arrow button to release the mat. The Cricut will alert you when you’re done cutting.

As soon as you’re done cutting, remove the mat from the cutter and peel off the labels. For More details about Printer Visit Now:

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