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How Old is Shoto Todoroki When He Got Burned?

How Old is Shoto Todoroki When He Got Burned? Shoto was five years old, based on the fact that he looked the same age as the flashback panels of the burn. By the time Shoto was burned, he was five years old. Rei Todoroki, his mother, urged Endeavor to stop their son’s difficult training. “Please stop,” begged Rei. “She’s just five years old.”

During the Arc Sports Festival, Shoto and Deku square off in Chapter 39. Deku is upset that Shoto is not fully utilizing his skills, forcing him to take command and use his left side. This brings back Rei’s memory defending Shoto from Endeavor, with her mother commenting, “She’s only 5 years old.”

Shoto was burned by panels that looked the size of this star, so it makes sense to conclude that he was five years old at the time.

What happened to Shoto Todoroki after the arson? Shoto became an Endeavor extension as her mother was devastated by Endeavor’s family abuse. In a fit of rage, Todoroki’s mother poured boiling water on Shoto. Shoto’s father has placed his hopes and aspirations in his son’s success.

Endeavour admitted Shoto Todokoki’s mother to a hospital. He has been there a long time and in a long-term psychiatric hospital. Visitors are welcome. Although the event has taken place, Shoto has made efforts to improve his communication with his mother. He blames his father for driving him to this point of despair.

That’s all there is to it. By the time Shoto was burned, he was five years old. At her injury, her mother calls her five years in Chapter 39.

Additional Thoughts

Touya, Shoto’s younger brother, died at just five years old. Shoto enjoys spending time with his older brother while playing outside with his other brothers on the manga pages, but Endeavor keeps dragging him back to training.

Burning Shoto is not the same as burning snow. The burn was caused by hot boiling water being thrown over his head.

Despite having his left eye burned, Todoroki cannot see. Todoroki is blind because of this accident has never been accepted in manga or anime.

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