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How Many Times Has Goku Died?

How many times has Goku died? In the canon timeline, Goku died five times, but only twice. He gave his life to defeat Raditz and protect the planet from the self-inflicted explosion of the Semi-Perfect Cell.

Sacrifice Against Raditz

Sacrifice Against Raditz

His first death was the sacrifice to free Gohan from Raditz. Piccolo blew up his Special Beam Cannon, receiving the second explosion layer as he passed Raditiz, while Goku put his brother on Nelson’s entire head.

Because Goku knew that Dragon Balls could bring him back, his death did not affect other characters more than future events.

Sacrifice Against Semi-Perfect Cell

Goku’s second death occurred during the Mobile Games Saga when he was sacrificed. The cell was overwhelmed by Gohan’s transformation of Super Saiyan 2, which prompted him to make a self-inflicted explosion as a last resort. After using Instant Transmission to transmit a cell explosion to King Kai planet, Goku had been dead for seven years.

He sacrificed himself, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory in this explosion.

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Does Hit Kill Goku?

Does Hit Kill Goku

You may have heard that Goku died a third time on the official timeline, though this is almost coincidental. Hit uses his Phoenix Eye Fist to kill Goku. Before he could be beaten, Goku released the Ki Blast into the air, an explosion descending on it that revived his body.

This happened during the anime-only arc “Future” Trunks Saga, which can be shown in the manga. Goku’s death did not require Dragon Balls to awaken him.

Goku is killed by Zamasu

Supreme Kai Apprentice killed Goku and his family elsewhere when Beerus did not kill Zamasu. Because this timeline is not the first, Goku’s death here is not the same.

Time for Heart Disease

Heart Disease Timeline

Finally, during the Future Trunks era, Goku died of a heart attack. For Android 17 and 18, Future Trunks has returned 20 years in time to provide Goku’s healing medicine while also warning him of impending danger.

Although Goku’s death put pressure on some Z Fighters to wake him up at just the right time to fight, he never dies. Frieza does not kill Goku, so not all the significant enemies he encounters are the threat of death.

Goku died five times, though only twice in a row. He pulled out a self-inflicted explosive Instant Transmission Semi-Perfect Cell to beat his brother Raditz.

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