How Long Did It Take For Minato To Learn Rasengan?

A handful of ninja gave way to the Rasengan. But How Long Did It Take For Minato To Learn Rasengan?

Minato took him three years to conquer Rasengan. Few ninja would like to read this A-ninjutsu, one of the Fourth Hokage’s legacy.

Rasengan is a combination of tree climbing and navigation techniques. The ascent of the tree involves concentrating and maintaining a proper amount of chakra extraction in some regions of the body. In contrast, the waterway method consists of continuously extracting a small amount of chakra.

Each method is combined to form a circular chakra stream. If the chakra is concentrated and maintained in the palmar region, the following technique facilitates the continuous release of the chakra from the palm.

Jiraiya Tells Naruto How Long It Took Minato to Learn Rasengan

Jiraiya initially exposed Naruto to Rasengan in Chapter # 150. He explained the idea of ​​combining multiple techniques to build Rasengan and gave Naruto a background on jutsu origins. Naruto was frustrated with the learning curve of the Jutsu.

This jutsu is one of the legacies of the Fourth Hokage! It took Lord Fourth a full three years to perfect this jutsu… A level five out of six. Second from the top! An A-ranked super-advanced ninjutsu.

Jiraiya to Naruto | Chapter #150

Every time a Jutsu is offered, it seems that each user is reading it in an instant. Naruto, in particular, found it difficult to pull and twist the chakra with one hand, so he switched to both hands.

To make the water swirl around while holding the water balloon in his left hand and bringing his right hand to it… It’s a bit unorthodox, but… He’s such a funny fellow.

Jiraiya On Naruto’s Two-Handed Rasengan | Chapter #152

So you have it. Minato spent three years studying Rasengan. Minato had to start over and had no place to turn for work. This took a long time.

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