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How Does Yuji Itadori Get His Hand Back?

Yuji loses his left arm while battling a specific curse. How Does Yuji Itadori Get His Hand Back?

Yuji Itadori manages to retract his hand after allowing Sukuna to take control. While trying to resist the onslaught of the cursed spirit at a certain distance, Sukuna withdrew Yuji’s hand. Even when the fighting is over, the hand stays healthy.

Sukuna’s extremely high level of cursed power allowed him to rebuild Yuji’s hand. He did not plan to repair it, and it happened by chance. Later, Gojo instructs Yuji to watch films to understand his cursed powers better.

Sukuna helps Yuji get his hand back

Yuji hears a cry from one of Fushiguro’s dogs at the end of chapter # 7. Crying is Yuji’s sign that he can still give Sukuna control of his body as everyone is out of the building and safe.

In the battle against the cursed spirit of the Fingerprint, he lost his hand. Sukuna completely controls Yuji’s body at the opening of Chapter # 8.

Sukuna believes the pursuit of Fushiguro will lead to Yuji changing places with him. The best course of action is to seduce the depressed spirit of the witches, as this will prevent Yuji from going back as long as he still needs Sukuna’s strength.

Sukuna’s view seems to ignore the particular grade reading. Instead, he begins to fight. Sukuna uses his cursed power to rejuvenate Yuji’s left hand and prevent an attack before contacting him.

“Oops,” Sukuna says, “I fixed this too.”

So you have it. After trading the land with Sukuna, Yuji Itadori could reclaim his hand. While Sukuna prevented the attack from reaching a particular distance curse, much-cursed power helped Yuji’s hand grow.

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