How Does Naruto Walk On Water?

Naruto battles on the water are a trademark of the series. But How Does Naruto Walk On Water?

Naruto can walk on water by producing a small amount of chakra on his foot at all times. Naruto’s chakra must be constantly adjusted for his body to stand up.

The chakra should be well-tuned with the weight of the Ninja doing the job. After a specific request from Kakashi, Jonin Ebisu teaches him the process. After Jiraiya cures his Nine-Tails sign, Naruto can walk on water quickly. Naruto also struggled with control over his excessive chakra.

Ebisu teaches Naruto how to walk on Water

Naruto is taken under the care of a jonin-level Ebisu trainer in Chapter # 90. Due to his lack of essential skills compared to Sasuke and Sakura, Kakashi asked himself if Ebisu trained with Naruto.

They proceeded to the hot springs to begin their first training: walking on water. This method is the next step for Naruto’s non-hands-up gym climbing tree from the Mist area.

Ebisu pointed out that all you have to do is collect the required amount of chakra in a specific location to climb a tree.

The chakra should be maintained during the procedure. Because the tree is immutable, the Ninja must keep its foot attached to it like a suction cup.

Ebisu said you should slowly release the chakra from the water from your feet to walk on water. Chakras need to be adjusted regularly to keep your body hydrated.

This type of chakra control is more difficult than mere maintenance. And is a type of control exercise where you learn to regulate your expenditures on a fixed quantity of chakra!

Ebisu to Naruto | Chapter #90

The coach then gave Naruto an actual demonstration. He began by concentrating the chakra on the soles of his feet. Ebisu then carefully adjusted the distribution to his body weight while continuing to produce chakra at a specified amount.

So you have it. Naruto can walk on water by producing chakra continuously on his feet. The chakra is then fine-tuned, allowing it to float above the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Naruto use to walk on water?

In order to do this, the user must emit a constant stream of chakra from the bottom of their feet while walking across the water’s surface using the repellent force. As the amount of chakra that must be emitted changes constantly, this technique is more difficult to master than the Tree Climbing Practice.

When did Naruto learn water walking?

Thank you for your help! Naruto learned water walking how long ago? It could have been 3-21 days ago. Naruto wasn’t shown doing a climb to the top of the tree at the point where he learned to tree walk, unlike when he learned to climb trees.

How does a ninja walk on water?

Water spider, also known as Mizu gumo (Japanese: 水蜘蛛, lit. ‘water spider’), was a ninja device used for crossing water. Ninjas were described as wearing a device that enclosed small air pockets around their hips to keep them afloat. Other descriptions suggest they were like shoes that allowed them to float.

Who trained Naruto walking on water?

In addition to teaching Naruto chakra control and walking on water, Naruto also trained alongside Ebisu – Konohamaru’s personal instructor.

Can Naruto walk on air?

Naruto teaches something called Walking on Air Technique, a technique in which you collect water under your feet while continuously releasing chakra to walk in the air. As I understand, it is not written by Masashi Kishimoto and is from Fanon Canon Rebirth.

How can Naruto run on water?

The chakras control the body. There was something in Naruto where they focused their chakra to their feet which allowed them to walk on water and climb walls. Walking on different surfaces requires different skills.

What did Ebisu teach Naruto?

Kakashi believes that Ebisu is one of the best trainers in Konoha, which is further exemplified by him personally selecting him to train Konohamaru for the Academy, and by Kakashi personally selecting him to train Naruto for the Chunin exams. The use of hand seals is one of Ebisu’s specialties.

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