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How Does Deku Control One For All?

How Does Deku Control One For All under control when it is an uncontrollable factor that takes years to understand?

By spreading One For, throughout his body, Deku can control it. Over time, turning on all his switches at once is easier to do than selecting certain body parts.

Before the incident, he had significant problems with One For All. When Deku tried to break his bones in one place, he would break his bones. He can use his quirk as a shield instead of dangerous gambling after Gran Torino encourages him to distribute his quirk evenly.

Deku finds out how to order One For All

Deku is the microwaving taiyaki of Gran Torino, a retired hero he studied within chapter # 48. She’s trying to make using One For All as easy as breathing, but even with a low percentage of energy, she’s already putting a lot of pressure on her body.

Gran Torino bites taiyaki, but in the middle, it is cold. He explains to Deku that if the food container is too big, the food will not be thrown away. Only a tiny portion of the food is heated.

Deku had an idea after learning about microwaving taiyaki in class. Deku admits that he was apprehensive about the idea of ​​just using his power when he needed it until now. His intelligence was often delayed after much use because he regarded it as a switch off.

You can see that all the switches on this body had to be turned on simultaneously from the beginning. Deku’s “heat,” which reached only a particular part of his body, needed to be evenly distributed throughout his body.

So you have it. Deku can treat One For All by scattering it evenly throughout its body. His bone will be broken when he points it in one place. Instead, he spreads the supernatural, giving him even greater power.

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