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How do I Print Then Cut in Design Space?

Before printing or using a Cricut machine, you may use the Cricut Design Space software to create, modify, upload, import, and edit pictures, and Print Then Cut designs.

Whether you’re using printer with Cricut or utilizing the machine alone, Design Space is where your creative journey begins. It’s a blank slate on which you may work to perfect and perfect your ideas for printing, cutting, or both.

Now We will walk you through the fundamentals of utilizing Design Space with your Cricut. First, however, let’s define the distinction between print then cut and Cricut’s usual cut.

Print Then Cut vs. Regular Cut with Cricut

A Cricut is a die-cutting machine that works on the draw-and-cut premise. Cricut allows you to accomplish your project objectives without resorting to printing. With no printer required, just utilize the sketch and cut feature. Using its specialist marker, Cricut will first create the pattern on paper before cutting it out. In the Cricut machine, this function is referred to as “normal cut.”

However, printers completely alter the game when combined with Cricut. Designs with many colors and layers are possible to print. The time-consuming technique of “draw then cut” has been replaced by “print then cut” thanks to printers.

Printed and trimmed Designs must first be printed before Cricut can cut them out. The picture or design is printed on paper and then cut out using a Cricut machine.

Print then cut guide for Cricut Design Space

You may use Cricut Design Space to print and cut any picture you upload. In this way, you may print and cut on anything that fits in the canvas area. You can write and create whatever text you want and print it using print then cut; it’s not only for forms and patterns.

Methodically using Design Space is described here.

Step 1: Upload an image and insert it

Your first step after downloading Cricut Design Space is to add an image to a workspace. You can go one of two ways. You may either use a picture from your own device’s storage or one you find, modifies, and uploads to Design Space. When you go to “upload image,” it will prompt you to choose where you want to get the picture from. To avoid any problems later, save the file as a print and cut picture rather than a cut one.

Cricut Design Space for Print then Cut

Putting the picture into the Design Space canvas is the next step. Here is where you may make changes to the print-ready picture, such as increasing or decreasing its size or altering its colours or form.


Step 2: Adding Shapes

As can be seen in the image above, the canvas has a “shapes” option on the left-hand menu. If you click on it, you’ll see a variety of forms, such as circles, hexagons, rectangles, and more. You have complete control over the final geometry of your design and may choose any form you choose. If you want your printable picture to appear in the exact center of the desired form, you should center it on the page before printing.

Step 3: Print the Image

Since printing to and cutting with a Cricut is a single, unified operation, it can only be done with a printer and cutter that are compatible with one another.

Since we have already put it, colored it, and shaped it, we can say that it is complete. The next step is to send the picture to the printer through Cricut.

Simply hit the “Make it” button to get a hard copy of the design. In the operations menu, we must choose the default (print and cut) setting.

design Space Soft

If you want to see the design on a mat, click “Make it” to go to the next step. This indicates the command is printed and then clipped.

Cricut Design Space for Print then Cut

The picture must have a thin black border around the outside so that the Cricut sensor can read it and determine what to cut.

After you press the Next button, you’ll be prompted to enter the model number of your Cricut cutting machine. It may be an air-exploration device or a Cricut maker.

Please take note that the Cricut Joy is not print and cut compatible. Only the manufacturer or explore air may make use of this feature.

If you have a printer connected to your Cricut machine, it will prompt you to “send to printer” after you click “continue.”

Compaitable print and cut printer

Step 4: Select the Material and Cut with Cricut

As for printing, we’re all done. Pick from the stuff we’ve already printed on, it has our design on it. The Cricut machine can “feel” the material it’s supposed to cut.

Material and Cut with Cricut

The last step involves placing the mat and picture beneath the Cricut machine to cut the precise pattern of your choosing.

Concluding Remarks/Key Points

When you upload a picture for printing, it will have what is called bleed around the edges. By default, Cricut uses this black line boundary as a guide to ensure clean cuts. While printing with bleed is preferred, you may eliminate black borders by deselecting that option. After the image has been cut using the Cricut, the bleed will disappear.

When using the print-then-cut method, it’s crucial that you print all images from inside Cricut Design Space. Don’t waste your time trying to achieve precise Cricut cuts by printing photos from unreliable sources.

If you try to print and cut anything out and something goes wrong—like if you switch browsers or shut down the computer in the middle of it—you’ve wasted time and paper

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