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How Did Zenitsu Pass The Final Selection?

The Last Selection is the final test for future Demon Slayer Corps swordsmen. How Did Zenitsu Pass The Final Selection?

In secret, Zenitsu was able to pass the final election. He informed Tanjiro that he was “lucky and well,” meaning that he stayed away from the demons for seven days and did not fight.

Only four students passed the final selection. Tanjro, Zenitsu, Genya, and Kanao are four characters.

Tanjiro Learns How Zenitsu Was Able to Pass The Final Selection

Tanjiro launched a low-level anti-demon campaign after the last election. He was told to move northeast by a crow, and he met Zenitsu, who was asking a young woman to marry him.

Zenitsu complains to Tanjiro in Chapter # 20 that he will die before completing his next job. Tanjiro wonders how a man who calls himself a sword can be afraid.

I went through a hellish training regiment every day, and during that time I really thought I might as well just die! And I thought I was really going to die during the final selection! In the end, I was lucky and I survived. Then I ended up back in that hellish lifestyle again! Chapter 20

Zenitsu to Tanjiro / Chapter #20

Zenitsu’s argument of “being lucky” to do it through the selection process makes sense. The youths who wielded the sword were not compelled to kill several demons. The only condition was to live for seven days in a demon-filled forest.

Zenitsu may be able to pass the last election by hiding for seven days. He has not won his first demon until the Drum House arc, so hiding in the length of the previous election makes sense. Zenitsu probably went out during the day to fix his place and get supplies and then returned to the shade at night.

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