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How Did Tanjiro Get His Scar? Incident Explained

In Demon Slayer, scars are common, but how did Tanjiro Get His Scar?

Tanjiro received his scar while protecting his sibling from a toppled brazier. These are portable warmers that retain lit coals and are used to warm meals. Tanjiro eventually obtained a Demon Slayer Mark in the exact location. However, his first scar was caused by his brother’s rescue.

Jurousan, Rengoku’s father, wrote to Tanjiro in Chapter #81. He expressed regret for his harshness and provided some information on Tanjiro’s Sun Breathing powers.

The Sun Breath’s selected users all share the same scar, according to Jurousan’s letter. Their foreheads have red birthmarks. Tanjiro responds by stating the following:

“This isn’t a birthmark. This is a burn scar I got when I shielded my brother after he knocked down the brazier. Then I wounded it more during the ‘Final Selection’ and that’s how it came to be.”

Chapter #81

Tanjiro then mentions that his father was once informed he had a birthmark on his forehead.

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How Tanjiro Got His Scar and Its Significance

Although he wasn’t born with the scar, it seems to grow and alter in response to Tanjiro’s strength.

His initial scar was tiny and inconspicuous. It’s the initial version we saw at the start of the series, and it’s somewhat pink. Tanjiro’s scar deepened and spread over his forehead after training in the ‘Final Selection.’

The scar was transformed into a Demon Slayer Mark. These characteristics may be gained at birth or unlocked later. Tanjiro’s scar seems to have developed naturally due to the brazier’s burning, but his Demon Slayer Mark filled out over the exact location, combining the two scars.

After beating Rui using Sun Breathing methods, Tanjiro’s scar changed colour and size. As his ability and fighting talents grew throughout the novel, the scar also altered.

Tanjiro’s scar was caused by him protecting his sibling from a burning brazier. He naturally formed a Demon Slayer Mark in the same area, although the kettle’s burn caused the scar.

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