How Did Shikamaru Become A Chunin?

Despite losing his battle and tests being canceled altogether, Shikamaru Become A Chunin following the Konoha Attack. The test organizers surprised Shikamaru’s problem-solving, calmness, and kindness in Chunin Exams’ duel against Temari.

At the test, he was the only ninja in his generation to gain a chunin status. Shikamaru would have been promoted even if the exams had been completed correctly. The test planners decided that knocking him down would benefit the village.

Konoha Attack makes it necessary to use all available resources. Shikamaru’s upgrade to the chunin level provided one additional ninja to join and lead the resistance.

Shikamaru surprised the judges by delaying his opponent until the evening during fight Temari. The battlefield is very profitable in the shade. He attached a Kuni to the fabric to act like a balloon, making his Shadow Paralysis Jutsu reach far. Supporting Tamari in a corner, she used Naruto’s holes in the dust to direct the underground shadow. Temari was released alert.

Chunin test participants were judged on the content of each game rather than the outcome. No ninjas can lose their moments in a perfect world and still be chosen to be chunin. Shikamaru lost his battle after catching Tamari on the disabled Jutsu with this information. He believes he has already shown himself to the judges, and there is no need for him to continue.

His performance demonstrated the calm, analytical qualities needed to become a successful leader, according to chapter # 309. The test organizers saw Shikamaru as a fair and organized army commander.

Shikamaru Becomes Chunin: Other Thoughts

Shikamaru became a Chunin at the age of twelve. His ninja generation was urged to take the tests early to better prepare for Orochimaru’s future dangers in the community.

According to his sensei, Asuma, Shikamaru’s IQ is over 200. He believed it was essential to trick Shikamaru into taking an IQ test as he did not like to write exams. Shikamaru was much better, according to the results.

Because the tests were interrupted, Naruto was not elevated to chunin. After beating Kiba and Neji in a battle alone, he was on his way to get to know the judges better, but the Invasion of Konoha forced the trials to be canceled.

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