How Did Sasuke Get The Mangekyou Sharingan?

During the “Fated Battle Between Brothers” arc, Sasuke acquires the Mangekyou Sharingan in episode #141, “Truth.” This episode includes manga chapters 400 to 402.

Sasuke is a man with ambition. After his life-changing experience at the ‘valley of the end’, he strives to become stronger and stronger, passing every test that was given to him. But how did Sasuke get his mangekyou sharingan? We will have to take a look back into his past.

Lets start from the beginning. Itachi Uchiha shows up in an unexpected twist, and kills all of Sasuke’s family, including his parents. Sasuke is only a child at the time, so he doesn’t understand what happened. The man who killed everyone says it was because he did it for Sasuke: “This will be your motivation to become stronger.”

Fast forward ten years. Sasuke has consistently worked on his mangekyou sharingan throughout the time, and because of it, he leaves the village that hated him. He joins Orochimaru because he promises to help him kill Itachi, but after seeing what ninja life was really about, he joined Kakashi’s team.

In one of his battles against Haku, Sasuke’s mangekyou sharingan fully matures. It is said that it usually takes around fifteen man-hours to get there, but because of the hatred he had for Haku it was much faster.

Did Sasuke Take His Brother’s Eyes?

In the manga series Naruto , from chapter 442 to chapter 450 (in the collected release of volume 28), Sasuke is seen in conversation with his brother Itachi before he dies. As the conversation goes on, Itachi notes that Sasuke is currently developing the Sharingan in his left eye.

This presents an apparent continuity error with previous installments in the series. In earlier chapters (from much earlier than volume 28), it was repeatedly stated that Sasuke’s Sharingan came from a transplant of Itachi’s eyes. (See, for example, volume 25 and chapter 238, in which Itachi’s transplanted eye is referred to as “my Sharingan”.)

How Did Sasuke Get Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan?

Sasuke got Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan by awakening it through sheer will, although there are other ways to do it. It’s possible that if Sasuke was able to awaken his Mangekyō Sharingan with Kakashi’s help or by transplanting. Kakashi’s eyes into him he wouldn’t have gone blind after using Amaterasu on Deidara.

The only reason he would go blind after using Amaterasu is that it’s a straightforward technique and acts as an eye for an eye technique. If Sasuke had Kakashi’s eyes, this would not happen because Kakashi could probably control his Mangekyō Sharingan better than Sasuke’s eyes which might result in him not going blind.

He probably wouldn’t have any problem using the technique multiple times since Kakashi’s Mangekyō Sharingan is stronger than Sasuke’s as he has been stated to be able to use it three times a day, not that Sasuke would need more than one Amaterasu.

How Did Sasuke Get Amaterasu?

Amaterasu is a powerful genjutsu, sometimes called the ‘Illusionary technique of god’s will.’ It is regarded as one of the Uchiha clan’s most secret and prized techniques. The sufficiently skilled ninja can dispel it, but it requires a noticeably large amount of chakra. Only those with an extremely strong will are able to resist it, as Shisui Uchiha noted.

A common misconception is that Amaterasu produces actual flames. Which continue to burn until the target is reduced to ash or killed by blood loss. The flames are in fact produced by the user’s eye; however, they act similarly to real flames in that they can be blown out like a candle by a strong gust of wind, which is why Amaterasu users often seek places with powerful winds.

Although the flames are produced from the eye, it should be noted that they are still solid; an Amaterasu arrow was once blocked by Jiraiya’s Sage Mode arm. The flames can also be used to imprison opponents in eternal fire, as seen during Sasuke’s battle with Itachi.

Why Did Sasuke Go Blind So Fast?

Sasuke Uchiha has achieved his goal. He’s now the leader of his own group, and no one can challenge him anymore. Except for Naruto (he is always challenging Sasuke), but this is not about him being blind so fast. It’s about how he came to be blind so fast!

How Did Itachi Get Mangekyou Sharingan?

In the anime, it is depicted that Itachi received his Mangekyou Sharingan from Shisui Uchiha. This being said, many fans have been asking, how did he get it?

Most of these fans think that Itachi did not kill a friend or did not take a friend’s eye for this reason.

However, there is no solid evidence that Itachi received his Mangekyou Sharingan from Shisui. This theory can be supported by the fact that they are cousins.

If Shisui was really the one who gave him this eye power, then why doesn’t he have it too? We know for a fact that Shisui gave his left eye power to the Uchiha clan so that they could stop the coup d’etat.

Another evidence supporting this is when Sasuke first used his Mangekyou Sharingan against Deidara’s code. Itachi told him to take his eyes. Itachi already had it at this point, so why would he tell Sasuke to rip his eyes if they are the same?

Although this theory does not provide solid evidence. It can be supported by the facts that point out that Itachi did not kill a friend. He was already at this level of power.

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