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How Did Nezuko Become A Demon?

Nezuko’s demonic powers have become more robust with the continuation of the Demon Slayer run, but How Did Nezuko Become A Demon?

After Muzan Kibutsuji attacked his family, Nezuko became a monster. Because the demon’s blood entered the wound alive, he became a demon instead of a victim of injury.

Nezuko’s firm determination helped him resist the demons and avoid harming Tanjiro after his discovery.

A Chapter Explaining How Did Nezuko Become A Demon

Tanjiro leaves his family behind in Chapter 1 of Demon Slayer to sell coal in a neighboring village. The older man begged Tanjiro to sleep in his house when he returned. He explains demons’ existence and dangers but assures Tanjiro that demon killers are patrolling the area and preventing unrest.

Tanjiro wakes up the next day and returns to his house. As he approaches his house, he smells blood and sees family members on the ground. The survivor of the attack is Nezuko.

Muzan Kibutsuji is a demon who is directly responsible for turning Nezuko into a demon, as you will find out later.

Before his condition worsens, Tanjiro pulls Nezuko up to where he can. Tanjiro must defend himself from his demonic form. The killer of the guarding demon, Giyu, forces him to leave Tanjiro. He asks the demon killer why his sister has become a demon.

That’s easy. Demon blood got in her wound, so she transformed into a demon. That is how man-eating demons multiply.

Giyu to Tanjiro | Chapter #1

Tanjiro accepted the order of the demon killer to find an older man named Sakonji Urokodaki living at the foot of Mount Sagiri after convincing Giyu that Nezuko’s life should be spared. He will have a better idea of ​​what to do with Nezuko, and he will teach Tanjiro how to deal with demons.

That is the solution. After the demon’s blood got into one of Nezuko’s wounds, he became a demon. Muzan beat his family but survived because the blood was so successfully collected.

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