How Did Naruto Pass The Written Chunin Test?

Even though he is not known for his academic skills, Naruto was able to pass a written chunin test with his Friends. But How Did Naruto Pass The Written Chunin Test?

By accepting the tenth question, Naruto could pass the written test. Those who failed the last question would be barred from being Chunin, but the biggest test was to see who dared to take the job.

After a written test, Team 7 was quickly screened into the combat elements of the test.

A chapter Describing How Naruto Passed the Test

Naruto faces the tenth and final question in the written chunin test in Chapter # 44. The test is very challenging and in addition to Genin’s expectations of knowledge. As the time for the final investigation approaches, Naruto has not asked a single question.

First, you must choose whether to accept or reject the tenth question! If you reject the question and don’t even try to answer it, you’ll lose all your points immediately and fail! And both of your teammates will fail right along with you.

Proctor to Students | Chapter #44

The students were amazed and asked the proctor why anyone would choose to refuse a question under such circumstances.

Proctor stressed that those who answered the question incorrectly would not be allowed to apply for chunin testing again. Students may receive a failed mark now and take a lesson later. The lawyer urged anyone with doubts to reject the tenth question and re-apply the following year.

Naruto’s Decision

Naruto decides not to accept defeat to prove himself and avoid disappointing Sasuke and Sakura. Sakura and Sasuke guess what he could have chosen, but they are prepared to accept any of Naruto’s choices because he failed to answer test questions. Finally, Naruto decided to take a chance.

Anyone who wants to exit receives a final warning from the proctor. Although a few hands were raised, the 7th team survived. The hopefuls were then told that the one who had chosen to stay had passed the tenth question.

The purpose of the tenth question was to show that there will be machines that Chunin must refuse, no matter how great the danger. According to the proctor, the ninja must show the courage that encourages the people around him, allowing them to overcome their fears. That is the most important skill of a Chunin cell leader.

Those who can’t gamble with their own fate, who would trade today’s certain risk for tomorrow’s uncertain future… Never taking the chance that lies before them… Are weaklings who only make weak and easy decisions. In my opinion, they don’t belong in the ranks of the Chunin at all!

Proctor to Students | Chapter #44

So you have it. By accepting the tenth question, Naruto was able to pass a written chunin test. The last question was a tactic to dismiss those who refused to accept the gloomy prospect of answering the question wrongly and to be fired permanently.

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