How Did Nagato Get The Rinnegan?

Nagato got the Rinnegan from Madara, and put eyeballs inside him. After a re-enactment, Madara wanted to return with Rinnegan.

Because the Nagato family (Uzumaki) was a distant descendant of the Senju tribe, he was chosen to gain the attention of Madara. Until Madara’s re-emergence, his descendants allowed him to use the powerful eyes of the chakra.

How Did Madara Give Nagato The Rinnegan?

Nagato acquired Rinnegan from Madara by undisclosed means. Madara gave Nagato Rinnegan at a young age, but the procedure was never disclosed. Nagato, who grew up in an isolated Hidden Rain Village, was an ideal vessel to transport Madara’s eyes safely until he was rewarded again.

Was Nagato Born With Rinnegan?

Nagato did not come to earth with Rinnegan. Madara turned a blind eye to Nagato at a young age, aiming to regain his eyes later. Nagato was considered a powerful, eye-catching vessel as a member of the Uzumaki family. One of the founding tribes who challenged the Uchiha regime, the Senju family, had a distant offspring known as the Uzumaki family.

Madara wanted to find a member of the Uzumaki family of equal strength to use the Rinnegans as the only Uchiha livings were Sasuke and Itachi. Nagato’s presence in the peaceful Rain Village was an excellent place to hide until Madara returned.

Can Naruto Get Rinnegan?

In theory, Naruto may get Rinnegan. Naruto has shown that he has the chakra levels needed to control Rinnegan by rolling his eyes among the ninja. Because of his Uzumaki ancestry, Madara chose Nagato to watch.

How Was The Rinnegan Awakened?

Hagoromo’s sons Asura and Indra combined their chakra to resurrect Rinnegan. Sasuke found Rinnegan in Hagoromo, who evenly distributed his power between Sasuke and Naruto.

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