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How Did Inosuke Know His Name?

How Did Inosuke Know His Name? as a wild boar raised in the wild.

Because her name was written on her small sash, Inosuke recognized her. Inosuke was found by a young boy living with his grandfather, and his first coat had his full name on it.

At an early age, she was brutally separated from her biological parents. During the last episode of Demon Slayer, Inosuke finds out the truth about his parents.

Inosuke is able to know his name by his sash

The history of Inosuke is described in Chapter 71.5. Pigs raised him, and it is not clear how they found him. It is possible that the pig recently lost one of its offspring and replaced Inosuke.

According to this chapter, people who do not learn to speak at a certain age have difficulty understanding the language later. Inosuke, on the other hand, is a talented speaker for a young man named Taharu. This time, Inosuke also started wearing a boar mask.

Takaharu is a young man who lives alone with his grandfather and works all day. When the young man returned home one day, he saw his grandfather feeding Inosuke’s baby, who thought that Inosuke was an animal.

Dad tries to keep Inosuke away from the world, but the little boy keeps returning. Taharu’s grandfather will make Inosuke feel welcome by reading to him in the book “The Hundred Poets.”

Grandpa then raised the pig boy. The word “Hashibira Inosuke” is printed on the sash, and the boy believes Inosuke’s parents wrote it.

So you have it. Because her parents had written her name on the ribbon, Inosuke was able to identify them. She was found as a child with a belt around her neck. When Inosuke made contact with the people looking for him, the name was still readable.

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