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How Did Inosuke Fall In Love With Aoi?

Inosuke and Aoi, an unusual relationship, are confirmed by the conclusion of the Demon Slayer story. But How Did Inosuke Fall In Love With Aoi?

When Aoi prepared a special meal for him, Inosuke was able to love her. Inosuke finds a new interest in Aoi as he realizes how much he loves her and feels “powerful” to catch her stealing food.

During the show’s bonus phase, the two are revealed to be in love. In the future, one of their ancestors is revealed.

Inosuke is able to fall in love with Aoi

Inosuke crawls on the ground at Butterfly Mansion in Chapter # 204. “I’m hungry,” she thinks to herself as she sniffs the food. After the last struggle against Muzan and the remaining Upper Rank Demons, the world is stable.

Meanwhile, Aoi cuts vegetables in the kitchen. Inosuke sneaks into the kitchen, avoiding Aoi’s gaze. At the table above her, she finds fresh food. Inosuke removes his boar mask and starts snatching and sniffing food.

Aoi finds him and steals food, and yells at him. Inosuke says he is not there, yet his mouth is full.

“How can he see so quickly?” Inosuke wonders. “Maybe he’s a terrible opponent.”

He brings Inosuke a well-prepared food tray. If Aoi is hungry, he says he can eat from that crust. It’s just made for her, and she’s free to eat whenever she wants.

Inosuke should stop snatching his food, Aoi said as he left. Inosuke stares at her with a new interest as she walks into the kitchen before smiling down at the dinner Aoi has made for her.

So you have it. When Aoi prepares food for Inosuke, he can fall in love with her. She thinks she’s good at catching food thieves quickly, so making Inosuke’s meal alone is good.

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