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How Did Denji Survive Without A Heart?

Be careful! This page contains the main characters of Chainsaw Man’s last act and will explain How Did Denji Survive Without A Heart?

Thanks to an agreement with Mandla, Denji could live without a heart. When his heart (Pochita) came out of his chest, he used his blood to keep himself alive.

Luckily Makima sniffed Denji’s heart. Denji managed to sneak up on Makima by using Power’s blood to live for a while without it.

Man, that was dangerous. I used up all the blood I got from Power.

Denji to Makima | Chapter #96

Denji’s Survival Without a Heart Using Blood Power

After a quick exit from Pochita, Power returned for a while to fight Makima. Pochita tried to give Power another chance to come back and face Makima before her life completely disappeared.

Power’s new form has been torn apart by Makima’s immortal demons. He pleaded with Denji again before moving on to the other side.

When devils die in this world, they’re reborn in Hell. I won’t be me any more though. So if we meet again, it will probably be as enemies. Denji, go find the Blood Devil. Find them, make friends with them somehow and turn the Blood Devil back into Power again. Then I can be your buddy again, can’t I? Denji, this is a contract. I’ll give you my blood. In exchange, come find me.

Power to Denji | Chapter #91

The Devil of Homeland Security Hunter Kishibe asked Denji how he had managed to seduce his heart.

There was something I figured out from my past knowledge and conversations. Makima perceives us through her sense of smell. She doesn’t remember one face from another. Anyone who interests her will only be remembered by their smell. So I took a gamble, and I bet Makima only saw Chainsaw Man the whole time, and that she didn’t even notice someone like me.

Denji to Kishibe | Chapter #97

So you have it. Denji Survive Without A Heart because the agreement he made with Mandla allowed him to use his blood. He lived on blood until he regained his seat (Pochita) and put it back on his chest.

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