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How Did Denji Become Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man, designed to be adapted for cinema, follows the main character (Denji), who uses saws as weapons. But How Did Denji Become Chainsaw Man?

After agreeing with Pochita, the Devil of Chainsaw, Denji became a Chainsaw Man. Denji accepted the Devil’s promise of his heart to get some boy dreams.

The Devil introduced one of the rare contracts that were flawless in it. To fulfil the Devil’s pact, a person usually has to make a solemn sacrifice.

The boy’s father owed the Yakuza family a vast, apparently endless debt. Although Denji was young and unattended when he died, Yakuza’s debt was transferred.

While crying over his father’s grave, Denji met Pochita, the Devil of Chainsaw. The demon stormed, hurt, and almost died.

Denji donates his blood to aid in the Devil’s cure for Chainsaw by exchanging power to use the Devil’s chainsaw appendage to become a hunter.

Plot Reasons Why Denji Becomes a Chainsaw Man

For years the two men fought with demons and raised vast sums of money to pay off Yakuza’s debt. The Yakuza’s family received a substantial income from Denji’s lucrative income, leaving him with a meagre living on bread a day.

Pochita, I’ll probably get myself killed fighting devils before long. If that happens, I’m worried about what’ll happen to you. You might starve to death, or maybe get taken out by another Devil Hunter. I heard there are devils who can take over dead people’s bodies. If you can do that, then I’ll give ya my body.

Denji to Pochita | Chapter #1

Denji was soon lured into the street by the Yakuza men. It has been revealed that the local Yakuza agreed with the Zombie Devil to gain power by granting them their freedom of choice. The Devil’s Zombie disliked Denji for being the Devil’s hunter and ordered the young man and Pochita to cut off. After that, they were both thrown into a garbage dump.

I’ve always loved listening to you talk about your dreams. This is a contract. I’ll give you my heart. In exchange, show me your dreams.

Pochita to Denji | Chapter #1

Pochita made a pact to restore Denji’s life by replacing his heart. He also discovered all skills of the Chainsaw Devil, including the ability to use saws as weapons in both his arms and his head.

He eventually came to be known as Denji as the Chainsaw Man. Denji has agreed with Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, to use the Devil as his heart to bring back his friend and fulfil his wishes.

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