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How Did Denji Beat Makima? Final Chapters Explained

Warning! This article covers the significant robbers of the last arc of Chainsaw Man. It will explain How Did Denji Beat Makima broadly and the background and results of their multi-chapter struggle.

Denji defeats Makima by sneaking upon him. Denji knew he wanted his heart by smell, so he took it out of his chest and used the blood of the Power contract to keep him alive and hiding until he could attack.

Makima was fighting “Denji,” but it was Po Po. Makima believes he succeeded after tearing Pochita from the breast of the lying Denji and catching a lot of smoke from a fallen demon hunter.

Denji came out of a pile of bodies of demon hunters, wearing one of their clothes to cover them. He approached her from behind and tore between her with a saw stained with Power’s blood to further injure her.

Kishibe arrived by car at the cemetery to raise Denji and the defeated Makima. Makima’s remains were turned into a soup by Denji to confirm his fall. Denji revealed his plan to Kishibe sometime later.

“There was something I figured out from my past knowledge and conversations. Makima perceives us through her sense of smell. She doesn’t remember one face from another. Anyone who interests her will only be remembered by her smell, so I took a gamble. A bet that Makima only saw Chainsaw Man this whole time and that she didn’t even notice someone like me.”

Denji to Kishibe | Chapter #97

So you have it. Denji defeated Makima by using his sense of smell, thinking he could only follow Pochita and remember Denji if he left his heart and attacked the shadow.

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