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How Did Deku Pass The Entrance Exam?

Both the U.A. The entry test was difficult. Everyone’s specialty was supposed to be in the tip-top form, so How Did Deku Pass The Entrance Exam?

Thanks to the “save points” feature, Deku was able to pass the entry test. He gave the written part of the test but did not get the points in the practical part; however, saving Ochaco from disaster earned him enough points to rescue.

During a video message from the Almighty, he learned about rescue sites.

Plot Behind How Deku Could Pass The Entrance Exam

Pro Hero Present Mic discusses U.A. admission test rules. In Chapter # 3.

You’ll experience ten-minute-long “mock cityscape manuevours”. Each site is filled with three kinds of faux villains. Points are awarded for defeating each according to their respective difficulty levels. Use your quirks to disable these faux villains and earn points.

Present Mic to Students | Chapter #3

Each student excels at the test, entirely under their unique control. Bakugo and two-quirk Todoroki, both prominent, sent several robots quickly, but Deku was left behind during the trial.

The time for collecting points is running out. Deku notes that Ochaco is trapped after a pile of debris at the time. Under the weight of waste and the force of the action, a robotic robber walks over him, almost preparing to crush Ochaco.

Deku chooses to give up his last chance to score points against other robots to follow Ochako’s hurt. Deku can combine his newly formed One For All power strong enough to eliminate evil before it is crushed.

Deku did not expect to rescue Ochaco to bring him benefits, although it was a good deed. Although he did not get official marks during that test, he felt depressed and returned home.

He and his mother were waiting for the arrival of his U.A. a letter, which would inform Deku whether he had succeeded or failed. He takes it into his room and listens intently. All might look like a picture on the wall of Deku’s bedroom.

This exam, you see, we weren’t just watching for villain-based points! A hero course that rejects those who do the right thing is no hero course at all! Think this is all for the cameras? Think what you want! In this job, you risk your life and put your money where your mouth is. Rescue points were also a factor here! Another fundamental way for the U.A. to evaluate you. Sixty points for Izuku Midoriya.

All Might to Deku | Chapter #3

So you have it. Thanks to rescuing Ochaco, Deku was able to pass the acceptance test. As a result, he obtained “points of relief,” making amends for his errors throughout the trial.

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