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How Did Dabi Get His Scars? Spoilers Ahead

A quirk accident in his childhood gave him his scars. As an infant, he was kidnapped by a villain. The villain had experimented on him with the quirk that gave him his scars. However, how could the story be true? It can’t be possible because at that time there isn’t any existing quirk to give someone scars or how would the quirk that gave Dabi his scars how would it work to give someone scars.

Also, how could the villain experiment on an infant with an unproven unregistered quirk? The story is contradicting itself. So how did Dabi get his scars if there isn’t any known quirk in existence to do so and how can such as thing as an unproven unregistered quirk be used on an infant?

The story of how Dabi got his scars and how he and the villain is trying to cover up the story of how Dabi got his scars.

Dabi was born with a rare hereditary disease that causes him to have more than one iris in both eyes. His irises had different colors making him how he looks like today.

Since Dabi had more than one iris in both of his eyes, the news spread out of how strange Dabi’s eyes are and how rare it was that someone would have more than one iris. From then on, he started to get bullied because of how weird looking he is how he looked different from everyone else.

Things were difficult for Dabi because of how much bullying he went through every day so one day when Dabi was walking back home how he got kidnapped by a villain who had heard about how rare Dabi’s eyes are.

Endeavor Explains How Dabi Got His Scars

Endeavor reflects on his son’s incident that seemingly ended his life in chapter #291, after Toya revealed his true identity to the world.

The winds of winter howled that day, and the air was dry. In the past, I used to train up on Sekoto Peak, and it was there, that Toya burned to death.

Endeavor Narrating Toya’s Final Day | Chapter #291

He retells the story of a young Dabi who suffered a life-threatening injury and how Endeavor helped save his son’s life. Endeavor also reveals that it was this event that would eventually lead to the creation of Endeavor’s alter ego, Fire Emblem.

Fire Emblem finally becomes aware as he remembers his origins as a hero. He now realizes that the incident that scarred his son was not an accident as he originally thought, but rather a criminal’s malicious attack.

Endeavor realises something and has a flashback

A child with two irises in his eyes is kidnapped by a villain who experiments on him with what turns out to be a quirk that gives people scars. Suddenly, Endeavor realizes something and his eyes widen in shock. He has been looking for a criminal who experimented on Dabi with the quirk that gave him his scar all along, but he never knew it was a villain.

Endeavor’s mind is racing with thoughts

Dabi was never kidnapped by a hero like he thought the whole time. The villain experimented on Dabi using an unproven quirk that could’ve killed him and it somehow turned into the quirk that gives people scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Dabi Have Purple Skin?

Dabi has Purple Skin because he burned his skin from the flames from his brother’s fire. Although his body is designed for an ice-type quirk, his flames are more powerful than Endeavour’s. Whenever Dabi uses his quirk to the fullest extent, the combination causes burns on his skin and the appearance of purple skin. As opposed to his brothers Natsuo and Fuyumi, who have very weak ice quirks.

Why Does Dabi Have Staples?

Dabi has staples in his neck and face because the villain experimented on Dabi with an unproven quirk that could’ve killed him. As a result, he has the scar quirk which makes him unable to use his fire quirk.

Dabi was born with a rare hereditary disease that causes him to have more than one iris in both eyes. His irises had different colors making him how he looks like today.
Everyone thought that it was a good thing that he had two different colored irises, but in fact it turned into a living nightmare for him.

Why Does Dabi Have Blue Fire?

Dabi’s quirk gives him blue fire because he can’t use his normal fire on his own body. His blue fire is weaker than his normal fire, but it is still hot enough to give him serious burns and disfigure his skin.

When Dabi uses all of his power, his fire is blue with a purple hue to it. When Dabi uses the full extent of his power, he burns his skin and gets scars on his face and neck.

Why Is Dabi Burned?

Dabi is burned because of a quirk given to him by a villain. The villain created a new quirk called the scar quirk. This new quirk allows him to create scars on anyone’s face and body.
The villain gave Dabi the scar quirk which created horrible scars on Dabi’s face and neck.

Dabi was kidnapped by the villain who would later attempt to use him as a test subject for an unproven quirk. The villain injected Dabi with a serum and it went straight to his nerves and bones causing horrible pain and suffering.

What Is Dabi’s Full Name?

Toya Todoroki is Dabi’s full name. The oldest brother of Shoto and Endeavor’s son.
As a child, Dabi trained with Endeavor and got his scars. He had a freaky quirk he could not control, which left him scarred for his entire life.

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