Flexiv Chinese $100M Series Meituanliaotechcrunch

Meituan-Dianping has led a $100 million investment in Flexiv, a Chinese AI firm. The business has already raised $200 million in total. That’s why It’s Called Flexiv Chinese $100M Series Meituanliaotechcrunch.

Robotics startups are attracting greater investment due to the increasing number of global enterprises trying to automate their production lines and supply networks. Currently, Flexiv, a Chinese robotics business, is the newest recipient of investment. There have been various investors, including the on-demand services brand Meituan, who have contributed to its B Flexiv Chinese series Meituanliaotechcrunch investment round, which has raised more than $100 million, according to meituanliaotechcrunch.

Other notable investors include China’s Meta Capital, the prominent agricultural company New Hope Group, Longwood, a private equity firm, and Jack Ma’s YF Capital. Meta Capital is a venture capital firm. GSR Ventures and Gaorong Capital, two of China’s most prominent venture capital companies, are among the others. Through Plug and Play, companies in the United States and China were also able to do business. The business received an additional $120 million in capital in this round.

With offices in China and the United States, the firm has a global reach. This is a model for companies operated by Chinese entrepreneurs who have either studied or worked in the United States prior to starting their own business. Flexiv was formed in 2016 by Wang Shiquan, a Stanford biomimetics and dexterous manipulation lab alum who wanted to design more adaptable robots for industrial environments. AI-powered robots will soon be launched in a variety of industries, including healthcare, agriculture and the service sector as well as logistics.

Series B funding round for Flexiv Chinese $100M Meituanliaotechcrunch

Series B funding round for Flexiv Chinese 0M Meituanliaotechcrunch

Having Meituan’s investment in Flexiv Chinese, Meituan may leverage Flexiv Chinese’s services for its primary business, food delivery. This can be automated because of its huge volume and repetitive nature. According to Wang, traditional manufacturing has a lot of room for automation.

Consumer electronics, according to Wang, need greater levels of accuracy in both design and manufacture. That is more delicate in nature, requiring a complete overhaul of the manufacturing process to accommodate innovative goods. Flexiv Chinese Series Meituanliaotechcrunch robots are outfitted with computer vision and force feedback. So that future equipment deployments may be more cost-effective and less time-consuming when new circumstances arise. According to the creator, the company’s bendable robots are its most distinguishing feature.

Robotic Range of Flexiv

Wang also feels that conventional robotic arms can do jobs in a more safe way. – Wang Even while they may not be as competent when functioning in complicated settings, when there are no immediate hurdles. Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition are becoming more important in many vocations, such as dishwashing. A hundred of these robots have already been built by the business since it began mass manufacturing. Licensed software and bots are being sold, and the company is providing customer care and support after the sale. Customers and partners in a wide range of sectors must be found to trust these new-age technologies.

Flexiv’s major market at the moment is China, with North America representing the rest of the world. In the future, it will be a large market and a vital part of its growth strategy. Additionally, Wang said that each country has its unique advantages in robotics. Wang said that the supply chain, production, and labor expenses are all included in this calculation for China. Adaptive robotics and conventional robots are becoming more and more similar across nations.

Overview of Flexiv

Overview of Flexiv

More firms like Flexiv are raising funding to partner with other companies from a variety of industries in order to develop new robotics technology, as the global industrial landscape continues to change. Manufacturing and agricultural industries are expected to be transformed by robots in the near future, according to experts in the robotics business.

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Flexiv, for example, isn’t waiting for it to happen. New industries that are on the verge of automation are being targeted by these companies. The firm is still focusing on conventional manufacturing, but it also plans to leverage the machine to generate new employment prospects. Agriculture and healthcare will be added to its portfolio in the near future.

Chinese Robotics Industry Overtaken by Flexiv Flex

Chinese Robotics Industry Overtaken by Flexiv Flex

Though young, Flexiv Chinese $100 million series meituanliaotechcrunch shows that really revolutionary concepts may go far, even in a short period of time. Even at this early stage, it has experienced a rapid growth in popularity among Chinese investors who have placed their trust in it.

As a result of this, robotics technology has been shown to be a viable business model. To see what results there are over the last five years, they’ve been testing with The company has laid the groundwork for other companies to grow their product lines by supplying customized, intelligent robots to different industrial sectors in China via its unique work in development.

Multi-Industry Collaboration

Multi-Industry Collaboration

Here Flexiv really shines as a management tool. A new company, but one that is making headway in terms of integrating across many sectors and earning the confidence of its stakeholders as well as moving forward with actual implementation. How long they’ve been working on this? Since its partners have an excellent working relationship with the firm, it will be in a good position to take on larger rivals and obtain funds.

With a more secure and solid base, it will be able to effectively manage and execute its business plan. In China’s expanding robotics industry, round one investment like Flexiv Chinese $100M series meituanliaotechcrunch, it is said, is drawing a great deal of interest and attention. Disruption is still possible, even in a sector that is decades old.

Strategic Partnership with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC)

Strategic Partnership with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC)

Chinese industrial enterprises, such as China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), are already cooperating with Flexiv (CETC). Fujian Grand Chip Investment Ltd, Sinomach, and FANUC are regarded to be the most promising of the potential partners.. Flexiv is also considering CESA, Changjiang Electronics, and Chih-tung Precision Machinery as potential partners.

To far, Flexiv has partnered with more than 50 Chinese manufacturing companies. It has partnered with over half of the world’s robotics firms in China at this time. Forged alliances with more than 300 firms in the United States. Flexiv Chinese $100M Series Meituanliaotechcrunch is the most well-known of these collaborations. China’s leading manufacturers have already made us their go-to supplier.


However, a growing number of robotics-related start-ups are making headway in China. There are still a lot of robots out there, but they’re not overrunning the landscape. So the true competition is between Chinese enterprises and the more established Western businesses. Large sums of money will make or break this fight. So that both local and foreign businesses may create goods and skills that are competitive.

Strong start for Flexiv Chinese $100M Series Meituanliaotechcrunch. And this sort of finance is essential for every company in the robotics industry. It demonstrates the willingness of Chinese business people and investors to put money into robotics. Flexiv Chinese Series Meituanliaotechcrunch robotics industry in China has enormous development potential. One of several well-funded robotics firms, Flexiv is part of a crowded field. This will assist with future fundraising efforts.

Chinese involvement in the robotics industry is not limited to just one project. Shanghai has also given rise to a slew of well-funded robotics businesses in the industry. We’ve done this via joint ventures with CETC and Shanghai Chuangtongxiang Tech Co (SKT). It has already built a solid basis and swiftly grown its customer base. Shanghai Industrial Automation Technology (SHIA) Ltd.

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