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Does Tanjiro Recover From Being A Demon?

During the final chapters of the Demon Slayer manga, Tanjiro turns into a demon with unexpected twists. Does Tanjiro Recover From Being A Demon?

Tanjiro is recovering from his demonic condition. He survives the war, but his left arm is paralyzed, and he can no longer feel it below the elbow. Tanjiro’s right eye is also severely paralyzed, and he cannot see anything.

Tanjiro has this injury due to his demonic transformation during the last fight with Muzan. The damage to her body continued as she changed back into a man.

Tanjiro explains his recovery after becoming a demon

Three months have passed since a fierce battle with Muzan was fought in Chapter # 204. Tanjiro is lying on a hospital bed while Nezuko, in a human form, stares out the window at Sakura’s evergreen trees. Demon Slayer has a Good ending.

To look at Tanjiro’s left arm, Nezuko raises it. Tanjiro can’t hold anything in his hands, and his skin is as old as an older man. He can move his arm up and down, but he can feel nothing under his elbow.

Tanjiro says that his arm was entirely injured when he changed from being a demon to a person. He also has severe vision problems in his right eye, and he cannot see anything.

With long-term injuries, the struggle has left Kanao, Tanjiro’s age, and potential love interest. He uses a sophisticated, restrictive approach that allows him to win by losing his perspective.

He informed Tanjiro that he still had a vision in his eyes. The two meet near the ancient “Victory” tree, which the first user of Flower Breathing must have planted.

Apart from Tanjiro and Kanao, other young characters have been spared significant physical injuries. After converting to human life, Nezuko recovers completely. Inosuke and Zenitsu did not face the most devastating strikes during their last confrontation.

So you have it. Tanjiro recovers from his demonic condition, but his arm shrinks like an older man’s. He cannot hear it below the elbow, and his right eye does not see.

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