Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan?

Sasuke and Naruto felt close to the finish line after a fierce battle with Jigen. However, Sasuke’s eyesight deteriorated as a result of an unexpected disaster. Does Sasuke Permanently Lose His Rinnegan?

Yes, Sasuke loses his Rinnegan forever. While living in Boruto’s body, Momoshiki stabs and destroys Sasuke’s Rinnegan. Sasuke admits that he can no longer see with his right eye.

Kawaki and Boruto carried the team away from the battlefield using their Karma.

Sasuke admits he will permanently lose his Rinnegan

Naruto wakes up after using Baryon Mode in Chapter # 55. Kurama has made it clear that he made sacrifices for Baryon Mode to work. After Momoshiki took over Boruto’s knowledge, Sasuke also lost his Rinnegan.

By tricking Momoshiki into eating a small amount of chakra. Boruto regained control of his body after using that small amount of chakra. Boruto smashed and cut off Momoshiki’s horn twice, breaking the ball.

Kawaki informed Boruto that they would have to use their Karma to return home. The only way they could safely travel in the middle of the masses was Sasuke’s Rinnegan-teleportation, and the devastation of Rinnegan’s Mososhiki was rapid and difficult to repair.

“I can no longer use my Rinnegan,” Sasuke said. He does not want Boruto to be upset as he only reveals the facts. Because the whole gang was determined to meet its fate, the only thing that mattered was that they went victorious and their lives were complete.

By showing that Sasuke is right about it, Kawaki tries to help Boruto forgive himself. Boruto denies this, but he tries to move the party out of the region using his Karma out of remorse.

So you have it. After Momoshiki beats Sasuke’s Rinnegan, he loses it permanently. He can no longer use his eye and any related skills.

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