Does Sasuke Love Sakura? Clues Throughout The Series

Yes, Sasuke Love Sakura. He was too busy beating Itachi up at a young age to get his attention, but the two eventually became friends in their teens. Now that they are both adults, Sasuke is still ahead of his feelings for Sakura.

Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Showcases

Let’s look at a few examples of Sasuke’s love for Sakura. We will start with the first series and move on to the current generation.

Sakura begs Sasuke not to leave the village to seek the power of Orochimaru in Chapter # 181. She tries to persuade him by reminding him of Genin and Naruto’s missions. Sasuke still chases him away, though he says “Thank you” before he leaves.

Not much, but it is one of the first times Sasuke sees Sakura’s concern for his well-being. You can also install the Chunin Exam Arc, where Sakura’s kiss is the only thing that keeps Sasuke’s form from cursing in control.

No one knows how Sasuke is proposing to Sakura. Most of the real Naruto actors got married shortly before Boruto was first shown, but few details of how the other couple got together. Sakura matches Sasuke, although there is not much information about the marriage. After he returned to the village, it happened.

Sasuke Loving Sakura In The New Generation

Let’s hurry forward today. Sasuke and Sakura had their only child, Sarada, between the time gap between the completion of the Naruto Shippuden and the beginning of Boruto. Sasuke used to be away from the city to do extraordinary work, returning with little time. Sakura was often left wondering where her husband was. He could see that he was going around the earth to keep the peace.

Sarada, Sasuke’s daughter, introduced him to Sakura. Sarada brings the couple closer, and Sasuke is pleased to be home when he is. Sasuke returned home to the Chunin exams to see his daughter compete. After that, he decides to make a serious effort to be present. He realized how many family opportunities he had missed out on unnecessarily.

Sasuke made a great effort to get to know his daughter in Boruto’s only anime arcs. Sarada and her mother, Sakura, immerse themselves in embalming water, and Sasuke intervenes. He finds out that Sakura is fully capable of self-seeking and notes that she is strong and has never worried about her safety.

That’s all there is to it. Sasuke loves Sakura, but the solid veneer he has developed over the years hides it. Sasuke appreciates Sakura’s strength and self-care, and their daughter Sarada works to bring the two closer together during the next generation.

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