Does Sasuke Attend Naruto Wedding?

The final episode of Naruto Shippuden focuses on Naruto and Hinata’s marriage. All of his young friends are there, but one stands out as missing. Does Sasuke Attend Naruto Wedding?

Sasuke will not be present at Naruto’s wedding. He had a bird jump over Sakura with a handwritten message “Congratulations” to present to Naruto. However, he did not personally attend the wedding.

Despite having his sins forgiven, Sasuke chose to leave the community. He longed to travel the world and make amends, both in the public eye and in his own.

Sasuke sends a wedding message to Naruto

Naruto and Hinata tied the sofa knot in the 500th Episode and final section. This episode begins with a group of people carefully planning their wedding.

As the ninja enters the party, who has become the couple is clear. Sai and Ino love each other, while Shikamaru and Temari hold hands. With Sasuke next to her, Sakura stands alone and looks around in love.

The bird falls from the sky and lands on Sakura’s arm. He untied the folded note from the bird’s leg and released it to fly.

Sakura examines the inside of the note after undoing it. The middle of the page just reads, “Congratulations.” Sakura wakes up, then raises her eyes to heaven, saying, “Sasuke.”

After receiving the message, Sakura knows that Sasuke is worried about Naruto’s marriage. He wished he had gone to the wedding but wrote a wonderful message that Sakura would bring to Naruto.

Sasuke is standing on a dusty road when the situation changes. He walks into the city. Although he was forgiven for his mistakes, Sasuke decided to distance himself from his friends and Leaf because of the embarrassment. He plans to travel around the globe to atone for his wickedness, even refusing to have his arm restored because it is a continuous reminder of his past transgressions.

So you have it. Sasuke is not at Naruto’s wedding. He had a bird flying over a handwritten book called “Congratulations,” but he could not walk himself to the party.

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