Does Naruto Use Sage Mode in Boruto?

Naruto fans have begun speculating whether Kurama will return to Sage Mode after his sudden death. Because manga is pre-animated, is Naruto Use Sage Mode in Boruto?

In Boruto, Naruto uses Sage Mode to fight the Code. After the loss of Kurama, his friends and family believe it is too dangerous for him to remain involved in the war. “Have you forgotten who your Father is?” Naruto asks, opening his Sage Mode.

After losing Kurama and using Baryon Mode, Sage Mode became Naruto’s next good choice. Sage Mode is shown in Chapter # 64 to assure Hinata and Himawari that he will safely return Kawaki and Boruto to their home.

Naruto Use Sage Mode in Boruto against Code

Naruto works with the Leaf Village sensory unit to locate Boruto and Kawaki’s chakra in Chapter # 64. Kawaki fled the Uzumaki settlement to deal with the Code alone. Due to Kurama’s recent loss and all the power he came up with, he did not want to involve Naruto.

Shikamaru arrives outside. He warns Naruto that the Code may have already pursued Kawaki and killed him. Shikamaru expresses his desire to join Naruto in the upcoming battle to prevent Kurama’s loss of power.

Saai is on duty at Amado, and Sasuke has not returned from his search for Code. Despite the dangers of the effort, Shikamaru wants to help Naruto.

Hinata then walked out of the building. He insists on joining the war, but Naruto points out the possible grief of losing both of them and their daughter, Himawari.

Naruto enters Sage Mode to urge Himawari to return safely to Boruto and Kawaki. “That’s right,” he continued, “have you forgotten who your father is?”

So you have it. During the battle of Naruto and Code in Boruto, you use Sage Mode. After losing Kurama’s chakra skills, Sage Mode is his next best decision.

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