Does Naruto Open The Earth Scroll?

Despite being ordered not to leave, Naruto is tempted to read the Earth Scroll. Does Naruto Open The Earth Scroll?

Naruto reaches the Earth roll, but only after being granted permission. Naruto is aware of the consequences of breaking the rules, so he does not read the document immediately.

Any ninja who broke the rules and opened the scroll and fainted until the test was completed, team 7 read later.

Naruto decides to open the Earth scroll

Team 7 chooses to open their volumes of Heaven and Earth in Chapter 64. They successfully collect the scrolls throughout the Chunin Exams’ Forest of Death, and they feel it is now safe to open them after reaching the final tower.

Jonin instructs the little ninja not to open the scrolls during the test. Compiling both the Zulu and Earth manuscripts was essential, but those who read their volumes immediately faced unprecedented punishment.

Naruto and Sakura simultaneously opened both volumes. In the middle of each word, “Man” and “Mankind” are written down. Sasuke sees movement as a so-called spelling as each character begins to force itself out of the paper.

Scrolls are explained to Team 7

Iruka Sensei suddenly appears in the dust of an expensive Jutsu. He points out that Chunin created magic so that he could welcome baptism candidates at the end of the second test. It was an opportunity for Iruka to be the ambassador for Team 7.

Iruka congratulates Team 7 on their second test. In a fit of rage, Naruto jumped at Iruka.

Sasuke, still confused about the test requirements, asks Iruka about what would have happened if they had read the documents too soon. According to Iruka, one of the essential parts of the test was to demonstrate the ability to keep mechanical parameters in check.

The instructors were instructed to faint the ninja until the second test was completed if they did not obey their instructions and open the scroll. It is compared to previous tests, in which copyists were punished. To pass Chunin’s written test, Naruto had to cheat.

So you have it. Naruto reaches the Earth Scroll, but only after the time limit has passed. She follows the rules and does not open the document during the test.

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