Does Kakashi Become Hokage? Check Episode

Does Kakashi Become Hokage? Tsunade delivers Hokage activities to Naruto Shippuden episode # 479. Due to the severity of the Tsunade coma and the Hokage follower during the 5 Kage Summit arc, he came close to becoming a Hokage, but this time he was well-sworn.

Like Hokage, one of his first acts of power was to assist in the pardon of Sasuke Uchiha for his crimes against Mzana. A kind word from village hero Naruto helped the pardon pass after Sasuke helped stop Tsukuyomi.

Kakashi did not want to be the village leader at first, but stayed for about ten years for Naruto to grow and take his place.

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Why did Kashi move up to the Hokage stage?

The Tsunade chooses to retire, and Kakashi takes his place. Before Tsunade awoke from his slumber, he was almost a Hokage, and he was a jounin with a very close relationship with Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi even told Sasuke that it was Hokage’s influence that made him pardoned for his crimes in public.

How Many Years Was Kakashi Hokage?

For 12 years, Kakashi was a Hokage. After the war, he was promoted to Hokage. When Naruto married Hinata two years later, she was about 19/20 when Boruto was born. Naruto becomes Hokage ten years later, based on Boruto’s age at the time. During Boruto’s lifetime and the two years Naruto and Hinata had with him, Kakashi ruled for about 12 years.

Was Kakashi’s goal of becoming a Hokage?

Kakashi was determined to avoid being Hokage. He recognized the importance of this position and would not refuse to fill it, but he felt that it would be a great burden and a lot of work for him. However, at the request of the Tsunade, he became Hokage.

Does Kakashi Have A Son?

Kakashi has no child. Because of the mask he wears, some people believe that Houki Taketori is his son, yet the child simply loves Kakashi’s Hokage time and ninja history.

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