Does Itachi Need Eye Contact For Genjutsu?

Being trapped in Genjutsu is a nightmare, but there is one essential guide that can help you escape. Does Itachi Need Eye Contact For Genjutsu?

With some Genjutsu, Itachi needs eye contact. Although he can make a medium-sized Genjutsu without eye contact, Itachi needs it with advanced techniques, such as Tsukuyomi.

Sharingan users use eye contact to capture their victims on their Genjutsus. Some Genjutsu ninja has their photography techniques, but Sharingan users have special eye-catching features in some of their plans.

During the city’s struggle against the rebellious ninja, Might Guy confirms that Itachi needs a certain amount of eye contact.

Might Guy explains Itachi’s need for Genjutsu eye contact

Might Guy joins the battle against Itachi and Kisame in Chapter # 143. A guy is warned not to stare Itachi in the eye by a ninja on the scene, Asuma and Kurenai. After years of training against Kashi’s Sharingan, he says he already knows this.

Guy says that all you have to do when confronting someone who has Sharingan is avoid looking him in the eye. “Just keep your eyes on their feet at all times, and you will be able to interpret and respond to their movements.”

According to Asuma, a guy may be the only one who can use this method effectively. Because there are not many Sharingan users you can get acquainted with, it is easier said than done. Asuma and Kurenai find it challenging to see the movement of rivals by looking only at their feet.

Guy tells Kurenai to take Kakashi to the doctors and Asuma to accompany him. They need to wait a while for Anbu Black Ops, recently announced, on-site.

Itachi informed Kisame that the Anbu family was leaving before they could arrive. Itachi and Kisame came to Leaf Village for a reason, not to cause street fights that would only draw the wrong attention.

So you have it. Some Genjutsu need to be seen with the naked eye, as is how Itachi traps people inside it—looking into your eyes and goal before capturing within Genjutsu the need for advanced Sharingan techniques.

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