Does Choji Die in Naruto?

No, Choji does not die in the Naruto anime, as he does in the manga. In the manga, Shikamaru states that Choji has died after being attacked by a sand clone.

In chapter 336, Sakura begins throwing kunai at Gaara’s sand clones and they begin disintegrating into sand. Chōji is hit by a sand shuriken thrown by one of the sand clones, but it only pierces his left shoulder. When he pulls it out, it is revealed that the kunai actually contains water with Gaara’s blood on it, which melts his sand bodies because they are made of sand.

Choji and Sakura were assigned on a mission to deliver a message. They got ambushed and Sakura was severely injured. Choji stayed by her side until she received medical assistance, but when they returned, Choji lost all of his weight in order to save her. He ripped off the skin that covered his entire body (he is seen ripping off the excess skin) and turned into a skinny boy.

Choji is more or less back to his original weight, though he remains very lean. His lack of body fat makes it easier for him to exert himself in battle, quicker at moving despite his size, and also more resistant to damage.

Does Choji kill Jirobo?

yes, he does. Jirobo is killed by Choji’s Human Boulder technique/giant fist. Initially Choji was overwhelmed by the Sound ninja, but a special Three Coloured Pill from the Akimichi clan empowered him to defeat Jirobo. Chuji does not feel like laughing at Jirobo’s weight, but he can’t laugh at Shikamaru because she is Jirobo’s friend.

Who did Choji Marry?

As many of you know, Naruto’s second-favorite Akimichi (after his friend Chōji) married a girl named Karui. What you might not know is that there are several other unnamed Akimichi in Konoha. These men could be Choji’s brothers or cousins; he has quite a few of both, plus a couple of uncles. However, the only other canon Akimichi shown in Naruto is Chōji’s father, Chōza.

Near Death Experiences

Choji vs. Jirobo

This best fight between Choji vs Jirobo is a great battle of two very strong shinobi, but the winner is obvious. This fight takes place in Part II of the Naruto series.

Choji takes a lot of damage from Jirobo’s Earth Style: Mud Bomb jutsu and gets knocked out for a few minutes. When he comes back to life he deals heavy hits that knock Jirobo out. Choji’s near death experience gives him the ability to surpass Jirobo in power and strength, which makes him win this epic fight.

Team 7 and Kakashi vs. Hidan and Kakuzi

In his Fight Choji struggles against Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzu, for which he is rescued by Naruto Uzumaki.

Chapter 492 – “Team 7 Assemble”

When the Akatsuki team member Hidan found himself facing Team Kakashi, he paused his ritual murder to lament that they were interrupting him at a bad time. It would seem his team-mate Kakuzu had just acquired some valuable intelligence, which forced Hidan to leave off killing Asuma’s team temporarily. The manner in which he refers to Kakuzu makes it seem that the two are not equal partners – rather, Hidan is something of a subordinate.

It was perhaps this feeling that led him to make an error when fighting Naruto, sensing that he could not win and so allowing Naruto to land a Rasengan on his chest. The resulting damage caused Hidan to lose his immortality – by calling upon another Jashinist ritual, Kakuzu turned him back into the original statue of flesh he had been created from. Having seen this result, Asuma’s team are not above mocking him for it.

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