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Do Todoroki And Deku Become Friends?

In the whole story of My Hero Academia, did Todoroki and Deku become friends? They are both strong fighters who train together, but do they get along?

Todoroki and Deku eventually became friends. During the presentation of the Endeavor Hero Agency arc’s internship, Deku pleads with Todoroki to stop protesting against his fire problem, and Todoroki refers to Deku as his friend.

Beginnings of Todoroki And Deku Becoming Friends

Todoroki and Deku met at an admission test at UA High School for the first time. Deku’s talent level was so low that it could arouse Todoroki’s interest or make him famous. There is not much chance for the two of them to connect.

Todoroki’s father, Endeavor, was well-known to Deku, but he did not know that he would claim his son a place in the UA. Little did he know that Todoroki was opposed to using his fire at the time. Endeavor married a woman with a different ice quirk to have a child with both abnormalities. Todoroki’s reluctance to use his firepower is a protest against Endeavor’s hatred of his family. For example, Endeavor sent his mother to the hospital after leaving a scar on Todoroki’s face.

It was not until the Sports Festival Arc that Deku and Todoroki became friends. Deku helped Todokroi overcome his fears about using his fireside as a way to oppose his father. During their struggle, Deku convinced Todoroki that, although his quirk was the product of his father’s creation, it was still his own. He should not have to worry about using it. This conversation led to a recurrence where Todoroki remembers his mother giving him the same advice.

Recent Developments

Deku and Todoroki spend a lot of time together as the story progresses. Deku develops his understanding of using his skill and quickly rises to the top of the athletes in his class. Deku and Todoroki, two of the most significant martial arts users in the class, have been in a state of extreme stress, such as when Stain brought down Lida.

During the Endeavor Hero Agency story, you get a deep sense of their relationship. Todoroki invites Deku and Bakugo to work as interns for their father’s hero agency. The three spent time working together under the Endeavor wing, and Deku was welcomed into the Todoroki family several times.

When Endeavor introduced himself to the three during their internship, Todoroki said unequivocally, “Do not try to act like a father in front of my friends.” Todoroki considers Deku a friend, despite his strong character and moderate behavior.

Todoroki and Deku ended up being friends all their time in the UA. At first, Deku could not get Todoroki’s attention. They became friends when Deku begged him to stop arguing about using his firepower. Deku is described as a friend of Troas. Apart from Bakugo, they are powerful fighters in their category, so they are always needed to fight together.

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