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Demon Slayer Have A Good Ending?

Demon Slayer is so intense that it can be difficult to imagine a happy ending. But does Demon Slayer Have A Good Ending?

Yes, Demon Slayer has a satisfying ending. Demons Slayers conquer Muzan and cast out demons from the world. Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Nezuko spend the remainder of their lives in their mountain home in Kamado.

Many couples are confirmed later in the chapter. Inosuke and Aoi, Tanjiro and Kanao, eventually Nezuko and Zenitsu were all recognized as lovers.

In the final chapters of Demon Slayer Have A Good Ending

Three months after the last battle against Muzan, Chapter # 204 took place. Tanjiro lies on the bed of the Butterfly Mansion, while Nezuko, who has since returned to human form, stared out the window at the Sakura trees.

Demons are defeated, but at the expense of Hashira’s whole life, except Water and Spirit. Tanjiro’s left arm is injured, and part of him is blind because of his temporary demon.

Meanwhile, the last Hashira meeting is underway. Sanemi and Giyu were notified of the dissolution of the Demon Slayer Corps. When the demons leave the planet, the Slayers are no longer needed.

Tengen and his wife welcomed Tanjiro warmly to his bedside. Rengoku’s parents, Senjuro and Shinjuro, also greet him. During the last battle against Muzan, Hashira’s father praises Tanjiro for using Rengoku’s bodyguard.

Final chapters confirm different Couples

The chapter then goes on to match the final relationship. Inosuke loves Aoi when he sees how sharp his senses are and how ready he is to cook for him.

Outside the “Victory” tree, Tanjiro joins Kanao. The first user of Flower Breathing was a long time ago. He notices Kanao’s consideration when he tells the tree about their victory over Muzan, and shows that he can still see something in his eyes.

Sanemi and Nezuko repair their broken relationship. Hashira, a Spirit, initially despised him and refused to accept him. He notices Nezuko’s brother’s behavior and pats him on the head.

Eventually, Tanjiro and Nezuko are joined by Giyu and Urokodaki. The gang enjoyed a big kiss because they were the first four characters.

Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke honor the slain demon killers who sacrificed their lives to gain victory. The gang then returns to Tanjiro’s boys’ home, where they will spend the rest of their days in peace.

The next chapter shows the journey of time to a distant future. Society has made rapid progress due to the extermination of the demons, and it is now more like a modern-day. The ancestors of Nezuko and Zenitsu and Tanjiro and Kanao, Inosuke and Aoi are all confirmed in this chapter.

So you have it. Demon Slayer has a satisfying ending. Assassins defeat Muzan, and demons are cast out of the earth. All the surviving characters are reunited with their loved ones, and the passing of time shows the present society without the interference of demons.

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